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our vision

Dr Print aims to be key-player in Designing, Printing,Corporate Branding & ICT and strategic preferred partner of local and multinational companies by providing the best solutions with maximum value that meet their requirements effectively as we strive towards attaining the highest global quality standards in all systems & processes

our vALUES

We are dedicated to making our customers priority one.

We only offer the best product of the highest quality to our customers, We do ti right, first time, every time, any time.

We only offer the best product of the highest quality to our customers, We do it right, first time, every time, any time.

We show pride, enthusiasm, professionalism and dedication in everything that we do.

We conquer as a team.

We take pride in what we do.

We act within expected timelines.

We do what we say we are going to do.

We will abide by the principles of good governance.

We value our staff and are committed to their development and growth.

Simplicity is our way.

we constantly promote a sense of constant learning in the organization.

We are accountable for each customer.

We strive to help improve the communities in which we work and live and those around us in need of our help.

Our Mission Statement

Dr Print is tirelessly invested in the business of Quality printing, employing the Highest Standards of service, producing a wide range of Specialized solutions. Dr Print is engaged in a constant endeavor to surpass the most discerning demand, both domestically and for Export; and to do so in a timely, transparent, professional and personal manner.

To provide a one stop shop (under one roof) for all your printing, marketing, design, and promotional needs, while consistently delivering the finest quality products with unbeatable prices, on me, every me, and to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations in order to enhance their business and make them more successful in the marketplace today!.

We strive for excellence in order to identify every opportunity to satisfy customer needs and expectations by utilizing system of quality control that meets the International standards of the ISO 9001:2008 revision.

To unleash the full potential of the brand, We believe in power of brand and our aim is to synonymously be the brand behind brands.


Service Oriented

Dr Print is completely service oriented, everything in our company revolves around the client’s objectives. We identify your needs and then worko u t a strategy that will

achieve your objectives within your budget. Quality service is the key to our business. We strive to earn your respect through an honest, fair, and direct approach to your corporate image needs.

We are totally committed to working with our clients and focusing on finding an individual solution totheir uniquebusiness requirements. We are always prepared to

respond quickly to whatever task is required of us and deliver an exceptional customer service.


We have in place a standard program called C.A.N.I, which stands for Continuous and Never-ending Improvement, a c o m m i t m e n t that forms part of our daily way of

operation. Based on this standard program, your organization will benefit from the

advantages of our continued investment in innovative organization positioning and identity building concepts


We source our Products from quality approved manufactures that have combined resourcest osupply a comprehensive collection of products madet o the highest standard-backed by a design service and excellent valuefor money.


We strive to offer what customers ask for, the company will over and over again review what is available in the market  place, and what is not. Improving what is available and providing new products and services to areas of need which will rally round ensuring our success in a market is driven by customer’s demand. Success will

ultimately be measured by our customers choosing us because of their conviction and confidence in our ability to meet or exceed their 


We ensure that our facilities are state-of-the-art, and a step ahead of the rest. We are

along M1 Road, Opposite Maula Mall, Area 3, Upland building, Ground floor, Unit 2. fI you are in Lilongwe you can never miss this location.


Seeing is believing’ As we say we do what do! We have a showroom in our main

branch to showcase almost every product that we supply and brand, branded to show you that we mean business and we do not just boost on paper.

our products & services

We offer wide selection of high quality products

As a Corporate Branding, ICT & Printing Company we work to leverage the products of our corporate Market and individual clients by combining our local expertise with creativity thus creating powerful designs that address local market needs while reinforcing the universal branding identity.

promotional materials


Banners & Display



We go an extra mile for Your Business Needs